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We Help People Move Toward Self-Sufficiency


  1. Thank You!

    “I wanted to thank you and the Our Center for helping me survive the ordeal I’ve endured. Hopefully sooner than later the shoe will be on the other foot and I will be able to do my part in supporting others who are down in life, rather than the one needing the support.”

  2. Help in a Tough Time!

    “The OUR Center helped me through a tough time. Last year, I had to leave a relationship to protect my son. Although I am working, it took two incomes to pay the rent. I was sinking fast and nearly homeless if the OUR Center had not helped me by getting me into a housing stabilization program. I got the support I needed from the Resource Specialist but I had to work hard on my budget and follow through. Thanks so much for what you all do!”

  3. Food and Medication

    “With food cost so high, I would not be able to get my medication without the OUR Center’s help with groceries. Now I can eat three meals a day and pay for my medication as well. Thank you OUR Center.”


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In partnership with you, our goal is to develop a plan to help you move from financial crisis to self-sufficiency.

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