LENA Start Longmont is a collaborative partnership between St. Vrain Valley Schools, the OUR Center and the LENA Research Foundation to build babies’ brains in Longmont, Colorado. LENA Start classes promote school readiness by teaching early language development skills that parents can use at home with their infants and toddlers.

Did you know the human brain develops to 80% of adult size by the age of three? Between the ages of 0-3 babies’ brains are building 700 neural connections per second. Research has shown that increasing spoken language is key to early brain development.

LENA Start Longmont offers a series of classes for parents of young children to increase language development skills. Each week parents record one full day of their child’s language environment using a special recorder. The recording is processed with unique LENA technology and translated into data which shows the number of words spoken in the child’s environment and the number of interactions between the child and their caregiver. The data is compiled into a report which shows parents where language development skills can be improved.

Please contact Claudia Orona for more information and to learn how to register for our next class.

Email: claudia@ourcenter.org
303-772-5529 ext.242

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lenastartlongmont/

* LENA technology prohibits the recording from ever being listened to or played back to protect the privacy of families.