Everyone needs support from time to time. If you are in need of employment or housing referrals, utilities assistance, mental health resources and more, learn how our support network system can help you by exploring the blog posts below.

  1. What Does Community Mean to You?

    Without coming together to find food, shelter, and resources, human beings would not exist today. From the beginning, it was known that being a part of a community not only helps us to survive, but to…Read More

  2. Ways to Help Your Community

    It would be a dreary community to live in if no one was willing to help or support their neighbors. We all go through tough times throughout our lives, and it’s important to know that someone will b…Read More

  3. May Is Mental Health Month:Get Informed

    Mental health is a serious issue that often does not get enough attention in mainstream media. Every single day, people all over the country and the world struggle with mental health issues that often…Read More

  4. OUR Center Support Network

    It is not uncommon for the pressures of life to build up quickly and cause you to feel nearly hopeless. Whether it’s worrying about how you are going to pay your bills or struggling to get control o…Read More