Christmas is much more than opening a pile of well-wrapped presents one morning in late December. The holiday season begins on Thanksgiving Day and ends New Years Day. In between, it’s all one festive blur.

Before you spend yet another holiday season merely going through the motions, you should start a few family traditions that you and your family can revisit year after year. Most holiday traditions are easy to implement, inexpensive and will be enjoyed by all family members.

Given the hectic pace of the holiday season, families need to be intentional and purposeful about the time between Thanksgiving and the new year. Our Center, your support network in Longmont, urges you to start a few of these holiday traditions this year.

Holiday Baking

Baking is one of those activities that the entire family can get involved in. The best thing about cookies and pies is that the recipes are easy enough that even children can follow them. If not, they will certainly enjoy decorating cookies. This is a wonderful opportunity to make edible gifts for the special people in your life.

Unplug And Reflect

Pick a night when you turn off everything in the house except for the lights on the Christmas tree. This also means your smartphones, tablets and all other devices should be off. You can spend the evening talking about loved ones who can’t be with you, play board games under the tree lights or go through old photos. You can also just sit there and reflect and talk about what transpired over the year.

Adopt A Cultural Tradition

The holidays are the perfect time of year to connect with cultural traditions. No matter your heritage, embracing a tradition is a special way to mark the holidays.

You can celebrate Christmas by writing riddles for family members, like they do in Denmark or leaving a candle in the window like they do in Ireland.

Enjoy A Movie Marathon

Is your family more of an Elf type or an It’s a Wonderful Life type? It really doesn’t matter, curling up in front of the television with a bowl of popcorn watching holiday movies all day is fun for the entire family. Just make sure somebody has a copy of Die Hard.

Christmas Tree Camp Out

Break out the sleeping bags or make a bed with couch cushions and blankets and camp out under the Christmas tree. Consider the family room the campground and imagine a roaring fire and grilled beans. Be sure to make smores and serve hot chocolate for the occasion.

Take A Family Photo

We are guessing that you have several photos of your kids on your phone and a bunch of selfies to be sure. But do you even have one family photo? Probably not, it’s not something people do anymore.

The holiday season is a good time to gather the family and put your photo taking skills to good use.

If you need extra resources over the holiday season, Our Center is here to help. Visit our website for details.