Are you being considered for a promotion at your current job? Have you put in the time and effort and all it comes down to is an interview with your higher-ups? Being ambitious can be addictive, but navigating how to achieve your goals can be a bit of a roadblock from time to time. So what’s the best way to handle the final step that could get you where you want to be? How can you ensure that you make yourself the standout candidate for the position? Continue reading below to learn the best way to prove you are the person for the job.

Are you eligible?

When it comes to applying for a promotion or lateral job change within a company, there are likely going to be multiple people who are eligible. You will likely have to meet a certain criteria in order to even be in the running. Assuming that you do meet those standards which have been previously stated, congratulations, you’re already on your way to your dream job. The next step is to prefer as much as possible for the job promotion interview. Let’s delve right in.

Prior to the Job Promotion Interview

  • Pay attention to what the hiring process is
    When you find out that there is a job within your company that you would love to do, you should first follow the application instructions. While some businesses may not require current employees to jump through all of the hoops that new applicants have to, others will.
  • Get ready for the interview
    There are many different things you can do to prepare for the interview. We would recommend that you look at common interview questions and answers online and consider what sort of responses you would like to give. You should also review your company knowledge, as well as any information that would be imperative for you to know if you were to be hired.
  • Be able to show that you have done your current job well
    While it is certainly nice to be able to make promises to your boss as to how you will do this new job well, you should also be able to prove that you have done your current job in an outstanding manner. Reminding your employer of everything you have brought to the company thus far may be what you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

During the Job Promotion Interview

  • Be professional
    Even though you might be on really great terms with the person or people who are interviewing you, it’s important that you maintain a professional attitude. You need to prove that you take the interview and the prospective job very seriously. Being too casual or relaxed can come off as apathetic, something no employer wants in an employee.
  • Highlight your strengths
    Whether you want to point out that you are familiar with and know how to complete the duties that will be required of this new job already, or you want to point out how much you have brought to the company in your time there up until this point, your superiors need to know what you would bring to the position were you to be awarded it.
  • Don’t be a know-it-all
    Working at the company for a certain amount of time before the interview, you may feel as though you have a wealth of knowledge in comparison to other candidates. On the other hand, opening up about parts of the position which you are not familiar with is a good way to show your employer that you are open and willing to continue learning and that you are thorough as well.

After the Job Promotion Interview

  • Wait
    This very well may be the hardest part of the entire process. Seeing as how you have to go to to your workplace and continue performing in your current position, it may be quite distracting waiting to hear back if you are the one who will be getting the job. But being patient is a far better method of waiting than constantly bothering your superior for their decision.
  • Don’t burn bridges
    If you are selected for the promotion, be sure that you continue to be your normal self at the workplace. Sometimes getting a raise or a promotion, in general, can lend to people acting entitled. This will not go over well with your employer or your coworkers if you act in a pompous way or cut ties with those you used to work along with.

Need Some Guidance?

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