One of our favorite personal development programs in Longmont that we offer at OUR Center is our culinary arts training program. This program is designed to help prepare underemployed, unemployed, previously incarcerated, or homeless adults with the development of necessary skills for a career in the food service industry. We are thrilled to help those who participate during this 8-week long program with learning everything they need to know to be set up for a successful career in the food industry.

Whether you have been working in the food service industry for a while now or you are looking for a new start, we look forward to helping you through our culinary arts training class. If you recently enrolled in this program or are in the application process, check out these helpful tips for getting the most out of this program once classes begin.

Show Up With The Right Attitude

The first thing to keep in mind when you show up for your first day of classes is that your attitude will play a huge role in how much you get out of the training program. If you enter the program with a positive mindset and a can-do attitude, you will find that you are far more successful than if you show up with a negative mentality. If we accepted you into the program, that means we know you have what it takes to make it through the training. You will be surrounded by helpful resources and your instructors will be excited to help you succeed. Channel this good energy and show up to every day of training with a positive mentality. You will not only find that you get far more out of the classes when you are determined to apply yourself, but you will also find that your good attitude is infectious and aids the whole class in success.

Ask As Many Questions As You Can

You can only get so much out of a class if you don’t ask questions. Put aside any concerns about sounding dumb or worrying about what other people will think of your questions. The more questions you can ask, the better equipped you will be for a successful career in the food service industry. Your instructors will be happy to find answers if they don’t know the answer themselves. After each class, think about any specific confusion you had or curiosities. Write down each question as you think of them and bring them up in your next class. If something pops in your head later when you are at home, write it down and bring it for the next session as well. The more you can question and dig deeper into what you are learning, the more you will get out of the class.

Help Out Fellow Classmates

One of the best ways to learn is through teaching others. If you feel like you have mastered one aspect of a class, spend time helping out a classmate who might be struggling. The more you offer your assistance to those around you, the better understanding you will have of the subject matter. You might find that in the process of teaching or helping others, you will actually improve your own depth of knowledge.

Not only can you offer assistance to a classmate who might need some extra study time or practice, but you can also take your skills home and share your new knowledge with friends and family. Teaching is an excellent way to understand exactly how much you grasped from a class and where you have any questions.

Look For Your Greatest Strengths

During each class, pay attention to what areas you find you are strongest in and create a list for yourself. Areas where you find yourself excelling are going to be the strengths you want to play off of for your future career. For example, if you discover that you really enjoy working with others and helping teach fellow classmates tasks you have learned, you probably have a strength in management and training. You might find a future role as a leader to be a fulfilling career path. Perhaps you do best when left alone to tackle a big project in the peace of your own space. This strength could lead you to be an excellent independent employee who can be trusted to get things done in the kitchen without the need for supervision.

By focusing on your strengths throughout our 8-week course, you can leave with increased confidence and the ability to point out to future employers where you know you will shine.

Be Open To Constructive Criticism

We all have areas we can grow and improve. During your time in our course, take the time to listen to constructive criticism from your instructors. The helpful insights that your instructors provide for you are not meant to tear you down, but rather to help you fine-tune your skill set so you are better equipped for the workplace. Just as you keep a list of your greatest areas of strength, you should also keep a list of areas you want to work on improving.

Celebrate Your Own Accomplishments

Finally, take the time to celebrate each milestone and accomplishment you achieve. It takes hard work and dedication to complete our culinary arts training program, so don’t be shy about celebrating your achievements. When graduation day arrives, host a party to celebrate how far you have come. There is nothing more rewarding then pouring everything you have into a training program and coming out on the other side a stronger, more knowledgeable person. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Be proud of each class you tackle with positivity and gusto.

If you are interested in taking part in our culinary arts training program, we invite you to stop by OUR Center today. We will be happy to explain the program requirements to you and to help you get an application started. Our program can help set you up for a better career path in the food service industry, allowing you to achieve financial goals for your future. Stop by our personal development center in Longmont today.