There is a lot going on on Thanksgiving Day. The actual preparation of the traditional meal could take hours. For children, however, Thanksgiving Day is one of those holidays that presents a problem; children tend to get bored.

Unless your kids enjoy the Macy’s Day Parade or watching football, there really isn’t a whole lot for them to do. It’s too cold outside for many of the activities they enjoy and the kitchen is usually off-limits. They might get excited about the big meal, but then afterward, it’s often a snoozefest for the parents as they settle on the couch to digest. And that’s not fun for the kids.

If you want all of the family members to enjoy Thanksgiving, you should have a few activities planned. Our Center, your hospitality care center in Longmont, offers fun family activities to enjoy on Thanksgiving.

Turkey Trot

There will be turkey trot events taking place nationwide on Thanksgiving Day. Most runs are scheduled for the morning of the holiday, but some do runs in the afternoon as well.

Family Photo

It has probably been too long since the family has taken a photo together. Take advantage of having the whole family in the house and arrange a quick family shoot. As a bonus, you can use the pictures in your Christmas letter or send them out with Christmas cards.

Browse Through Albums

Don’t fall asleep on the couch after your Thanksgiving Day meal, grab the photo albums and invite the kids to come and look through them. They will be fascinated with the stories you will tell them about the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in the pages of your photo albums.

Christmas Tree

There are those who will argue that Thanksgiving is just too early to set up the Christmas tree, but we beg to differ. You may as well get started celebrating the holiday season. Plus, decorating the tree is an activity the entire family can enjoy, especially the children.

Just turn on some festive music, break out some cookies and delegate tasks to each family member.

Scavenger Hunt

Assemble family members in teams of two and enjoy a fun scavenger hunt. You can do this in the backyard unless the weather is an issue, then move it indoors if necessary. You can offer small gifts to the winners.

Football Game

It will be far more exciting and entertaining to play a game of football as opposed to watching a game on television. Start a family touch football game and enjoy the fresh, crisp air and exercise.

Talent Show

You could consider having the kids perform for the whole family after dinner. You will be surprised at the talents your kids have that you probably don’t know about.


When was the last time you pulled the Yahtzee game out of the closet? Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to dust off the board games stuffed in the closet and play them. The kids will love it.

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