If you have been keeping up with our blog, you have likely learned a lot about what we offer to the people who are part of our family at OUR Center. So far, we have discussed our Family Forward services, Personal Development opportunities, and Support Network. However, what we haven’t covered yet are our Hospitality Care services, for which we are very well known. Not only do these programs provide everyday necessities to those who are unable to purchase them elsewhere, but they also create a community of people who relate to one another as they seek help from our network and more.  You can see below three of the things we are most proud of: our Community Cafe, Market and Closet. Keep reading to find out how each of these works to help make our community in Longmont strong.

Hospitality Care

As we mentioned above, all of the community care options we offer are housed in our facility in Longmont. If you are interested in using these resources and you are not yet a participant at OUR Center, you must first meet with a Resource Navigator in order to make a plan regarding which services are offered. Once that process is complete, you will be able to use any of the services below that you have been approved for.


Community Cafe’

The Community Cafe is one of the many ways we work to help those who live in the community to lead a happy and healthy life. 364 days a year, the Cafe is serving breakfast and lunch cooked by an in-house chef to those who need it. On the weekends, the meals served are provided by Cafe Outreach Teams made up of the community’s families, service clubs, businesses and faith-based groups. Not only does this allow us to provide delicious meals to those in need, but it also helps us to continue to expand our ever growing support network, giving us the opportunity to offer more services in the future.

Community Market

We’ve mentioned in the past how many people aren’t really sure how to eat in a healthy way as they were never really taught what proper nutrition is. At our Community Market, not only are you given access to produce that is grown in community and local gardens, but you will have access to a trained staff member who can help you to shop and plan for healthy meals. Rather than only cooking processed foods that are unhealthy, take advantage of our Market and the volunteers that work in it. You can change the entire way you look at food and make you and your family much healthier in the process.

Community Closet

While it would be nice if everyone always had the money to purchase new clothes for job interviews, the changing seasons and more, this simply is not the case. If you are living with a low or fixed income but you need to be able to update your wardrobe and the wardrobe of those in your family, our Community Closet can help you. Everything that is housed in our Community Closet has been donated by local residents, businesses, churches and more. Stop in and get the clothing you need today!

Ready to meet with a Resource Navigator?

If you are ready to take advantage of the hospitality care programs we offer at OUR Center, you should meet with a Resource Navigator as soon as possible. Call us today and find out how you can make an appointment to do so. We look forward to seeing you in our facility!

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