Surviving the holidays with your bank account and waistline intact is a tall order. One holiday wish many of you have is to stay healthy over the season.

On average, Americans gain weight over the holiday season and sometimes those pounds keep adding up long after the new year has started. Of course, you want to enjoy your favorite time of year and holiday treats are a part of that. So you need to figure out a way to indulge without gaining weight. Our Center, your hospitality care service in Longmont, offers tips to stay healthy over the holiday season.

Drink Water

There are times when you feel hungry, but what you are is really just a little dehydrated. The feeling of being slightly dehydrated can be perceived as hunger. So try drinking a glass of water instead of eating a few Christmas cookies and wait to see how you feel.

Keep Track Of What You Eat

If you write down everything you eat, you are less likely to overeat. There are also apps you can get that track your daily food consumption.

Stay Active

Do what you need to do to stay as active as possible over the holiday season. We know that the cold and snow makes it difficult to have fun outdoors, nobody likes jogging in a snowstorm. And if you hate going to the gym, you need to find activities to do around the house.

If you don’t have a stationary bike or treadmill, you will need to get creative. If you have a staircase, jogging up and down the stairs is a good way to burn calories. You might also want to consider mall walking or swimming at the nearest indoor public pool.

Skip Unnecessary Traditions

If the book club you belong to has a day everybody brings baked goods, that might be the day you skip. You can gracefully bow out of obligations or gatherings that are centered around unhealthy food.

Indulge In Only The Best

Skip the store-bought cookies in favor of the homemade fudge your mom makes. You can save some calories by skipping out of all but only the most important and special holiday treats. In other words, only eat treats that deserve a 10.

Focus On The Fun

Sure, that glazed ham in part of the Christmas tradition, but it’s not the only thing you should be focusing on. It is just as important to talk with others at the table and take things slow and in stride. Eat less and mingle more.

Savor Every Bite

It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to get the message from your stomach that you are full. So if you are eating at a fast rate of speed, by the time your brain gets the message to stop, you are already overstuffed.

Take your time at the dinner table and eat slowly. Savor every bite of that glazed ham and you will be less likely to overeat.

If you need help moving towards self-sufficiency, Our Center can help. Visit our website for details.