Did you know that an Enterprise Zone has been created in Longmont?  Colorado established a state Enterprise Zone in our area titled thdsc_5831e North Metro Enterprise Zone.  OUR Center is one of three new projects in this new zone as of February 11, 2016.

What does the Enterprise Zone designation mean?  First, it is an acknowledgment that the OUR Center is involved in economic development activities.  The North Metro Enterprise Zone was created in an effort to support and promote economic development projects within the approved zone.  The other organizations approved include the Longmont Economic Development Partnership and the TinkerMill.

The OUR Center will be promoting economic development in several ways:

  • Job Training and Business Assistance.
  • Community Development
  • Culinary Skills Training Program (one of Advance Longmont’s Targeted Industries is Hospitality/Culinary)
  • Supported Employment Program (SEP) providing not only culinary skills training but also entrepreneurship training.
  • Family Resource Model

Second, this new designation presents an excellent opportunity for donors of the OUR Center.  Donations received will be considered for a 25% state tax credit.  Examples are provided below assuming a 28% federal tax rate and a 4.63% state tax rate.  Please consult your tax advisor for details.


*The Colorado tax credits are available whether you itemize deductions or claim a standard deduction.  The federal benefits depend on whether you itemize or not.  Be sure to verify your particular situation with your income tax preparer.

We’d love to talk with you further about this exciting opportunity.  To discuss eligibility, please contact Elaine Klotz at 303-772-5529 ext. 224 or elaine@ourcenter.org for more information.

“Strengthen OUR Community – Invest in OUR Story”

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