1. Want To Get A Promotion At Your Current Job? This Is How!

    Are you being considered for a promotion at your current job? Have you put in the time and effort and all it comes down to is an interview with your higher-ups? Being ambitious can be addictive, but navigating how to achieve your goals can be a bit of a roadblock from time to time. So what’s the best way to handle the final step that could get you where you want to be? H…Read More

  2. 5 Questions That Successful People Ask Themselves Constantly

    Success is something that every single person longs to achieve throughout their lives. Whether we are talking about success in career, in love, in friendships or other aspects of life, knowing that you have achieved what you wanted is a great feeling. However, what if you didn’t have all the time in the world to work towards the goals that you have set for yourself? What…Read More

  3. 4 Communication Skills That Can Help You At Work

    When it comes to being good at your job, there are many social and technical skills that you need. One of the most important skills you can acquire is the ability to communicate with those that you work alongside every day. Sure, being great at your actual job description is extremely important. But if you are unable to communicate in an effective way with your co-workers …Read More

  4. Building a Better Community

      On September 29, there will be a Summit in which all Boulder County Executives will come together to agree on a plan for affordable housing. You can find a link for a draft of the proposed housing plan here. Educate yourself on the importance of affordable housing at our Building a Better Community Web page. Contact your executives and let them know you support the …Read More

  5. 7 Ways To Get Closer To The Success You Want

    One of the main issues that we hear from people who use the services we offer at OUR Center is that they aren’t sure how they can be successful because it’s something they never learned. This is fair. After all, there wasn’t a class in high school that taught you solely how to find your passion and excel at it (although there really should be). In order to assist tho…Read More

  6. 8 Smart Spending and Saving Strategies

    One of the many personal development opportunities we offer at OUR Center is budget counseling. We know the importance of being able to manage your money. You simply cannot survive in today’s world unless you know how to spend and how to save. In order to give you a better idea of the sorts of things we’re teaching through our budget counseling, we have comprised a lis…Read More

  7. OUR Center Earns Coveted 4-star Rating from Charity Navigator

    OUR Center's strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency have earned it a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America's largest independent charity evaluator. This is the fourth consecutive time that OUR Center has earned this top distinction. Since 2002, using objective analysis, Charity Navigator has awarded only the most fiscally responsi…Read More

  8. OUR Center Receives Grant from Denver Post Season to Share

    Outreach United Resource Center, Inc. (OUR Center) is pleased to announce the receipt of a $40,000 grant from Denver Post Season to Share, a McCormick Foundation Fund. This grant will support our Homelessness Prevention program, providing rent and utility assistance for residents of the St. Vrain Valley, in order to help them move to self-sufficiency. This fund supports lo…Read More

  9. Sharpening Your Culinary Skills At OUR Center

    Finding a career that you both enjoy and are passionate about is often a difficult feat. This is also not the priority of many people who are simply trying to find a job that can put food on the table. On the other hand, with the proper training and opportunities, both of these worlds can combine to form a meaningful path in life. At OUR Center, we have found that the culi…Read More

  10. Learn More About OUR Center at Coffee For A Cause

    At OUR Center, we are constantly looking for new ways to get the people who need our help through the door of our facility. We have found in the past that no matter how much we attempt to get information out about our programs, word of mouth only can go so far. Not to mention, many people feel uncomfortable walking into an unfamiliar place and asking for assistance. With t…Read More