The mission of OUR Center is:

“We help people move toward self-sufficiency by unifying community resources”.



OUR Center, founded in 1986, grew out of the Longmont Ministerial Association.  Church leaders realized that those in need were turning to the churches for help that they were not always able to provide.  The churches agreed that uniting community resources would give better help to those who needed it, and also give the churches a consistent place to refer folks.  Out of this realization grew the Outreach United Resource Center, Inc. or OUR Center.

OUR Center is truly a community-based agency.  While most of the churches in the St. Vrain Valley support OUR Center, it is not affiliated with any one church, or any other agency. OUR Center works closely with many other agencies in the community to assist those in need, especially those in emergency situations.

OUR Center consists of the Family Resource Center at 220 Collyer St. and Aspen Center for Child Development at 501 5th Avenue in Longmont, CO.  This makes it more efficient and convenient for our clients to receive services.  Once again, the St. Vrain Community has come together to provide the highest quality assistance to those in need.

At the present time, administrative costs are 14% percent of the total budget, and only a part of that administrative time is spent on raising funds.  Our fundraising activity is carried on by a minimal Development staff, volunteer Board of Director members and other volunteers in the community, thereby maximizing the services rendered from contributed dollars.



We will be a recognized leader in transforming people’s lives by joining them in reaching their personal potential.