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Aspen Center for Child Development

Longmont Daycare and Preschool by Aspen Center for Child Development

Meeting Each Child's Needs for Learning and Growing

Aspen Center for Child Development in downtown Longmont provides excellent full-day early childhood education programs for children six weeks to six years old from families of all income levels.

- Children enjoy warm, inviting classroom environments and outdoor play areas with age and developmentally-appropriate practices that support school readiness. Developmental activities include gross and fine motor, language and literacy, sensory, art, music and social-emotional domains – all of which help each child develop to his or her greatest potential.

- Aspen Center for Child Development is one of the only childcare centers in Longmont offering STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)-based education programs in all classrooms. STEM education is designed to leverage children’s natural curiosity and to foster a lifelong proficiency in these key areas. A process of intellectual learning through reasoning, predicting, hypothesizing, and problem solving, STEM helps build behavior traits, such as perseverance, patience, team-building, and more, which serve as the foundation for success beyond Pre-K and for the workforce of the future.

- Parents who enroll their children in Aspen Center for Child Development are able to work to support their families, continue their education or avail themselves of support services through various agencies with peace of mind. Our children’s progress is rooted in our partnerships with parents who are encouraged to participate in their children’s development every step of the way. Parents are provided regular updates on developmental stages, communication, guidance, nurturing, and information they can use to continue learning and development at home. For mothers who are breastfeeding their children, Aspen Center for Child Development is one of the few centers in Boulder County that has been awarded the Gold Seal for Breastfeeding Friendly Childcare by Boulder County Public Health.

- Our loving, nurturing staff members are responsive to each child's needs and potential for learning and growing. We also provide support services through a nurse consultant and child development specialist. Aspen Center children receive regular developmental screenings. At-risk children and their families receive intensive services intended to ensure the child has all the support he/she needs in order to become a healthy, well-developed child.

- Scholarships are available.

Aspen Center for Child Development is located at 501 5th Avenue in Longmont

For more information or to schedule a visit, please Contact Us or call 303-772-4320

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