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The OUR Center’s Role in Flood Relief Efforts to Date:

Since the Colorado floods hit our community in mid-September the OUR Center has been one of the primary local responding agencies for those impacted by the floods throughout the St. Vrain Valley.

In addition to providing assistance to existing OUR Center clients and those in need in our community for reasons not related to the floods, OUR Center staff has been on the front lines of recovery efforts by providing resources to flood survivors at the mobile operation we are running at the Disaster Assistance Center at Twin Peaks Mall seven days a week.

There, we have been providing hundreds of families with vouchers for emergency food boxes and clothing distributed through our Food Pantry and Clothing Bank.

We have also been arranging for survivors of the flood to meet with our casework staff to begin the process of providing such services as rent and utility assistance, referrals to other resources, and much more.

Our behavioral health counselor has been meeting one-on-one with those impacted by the floods to provide support through what is for many a very challenging time in terms of mental health.

OUR Center staff and volunteers have also been working seven days a week to process the many, many donations of food, clothing, and other necessary items that our community has so generously given to help those in need.

The OUR Center’s Role in Flood Relief Efforts Moving Forward:

At this early stage, we do not yet know the full magnitude of the impact these floods will have on our community into the future. However, we are already seeing some of the impact on those who may or may not have been directly affected by the floods, but who are experiencing secondary impact. That secondary impact includes things such as:

Unemployment and loss of work hours/income for hourly employees,

Short and long term health problems,

Displacement resulting in double housing costs,

Increased transportation costs to commute into Longmont from other communities,

Mental health impacts.

*** In addition to these ramifications and many others that are arising, the funds provided to survivors of the flood by FEMA and other national agencies are finite for each family. Once those funds run out, people who need more help getting back on their feet in our community have the OUR Center to turn to for assistance.  

We expect that the OUR Center will see a significant increase in our client base and will be assisting in our community’s recovery from these floods for years to come.***


Our most urgent needs at this time are for monetary donations and volunteer support.

Cash: The OUR Center is especially in need of cash donations now and into the future, as we will be providing assistance not only to existing OUR Center clients, but also to those who are turning to us for help as they await emergency assistance from other agencies and/or to those whose assistance runs out before they can get back on their feet. Particularly with rent and utility assistance, there are unmet needs before and after government assistance is available to flood survivors, and people look to the OUR Center to fill those gaps.

Monetary donations can be made in person or over the phone at OUR Intake Office at 303 Atwood Street in Longmont or by calling 303-772-5529 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donations can be made anytime on our secure website by going to and clicking on the blue “Donate” button or click here.  Gift cards to area grocery stores and retailers such as Target and  Walmart would also be very much appreciated.

Donate Needed Items:

We are once again able to accept a wide range of food, clothing, and other donated items.

Click here to see a list of items we can accept and where/when to donate.


We appreciate the community's support. Together we will get through this difficult time.

Contact us:


Thank you all!